SASCO HPQ (SHPQ) plans to become one of the world leaders in vertically integrated and diversified production of High Purity Quatz (HPQ) for various industries. Its quartz will be sourced from mines in Europe having one of world’s best purity quartz deposits. SHPQ offers a broad array of high-quality mineral and material products and the industry’s most comprehensive and accessible distribution network. SHPQ believes in the power of long-term partnerships – built on integrity, reliability paired with an innovative solutions mindset – to deliver shared success. SHPQ will be operating various activities through different partners and contractors, whereby making the structure and the operations efficient with designated and assigned responsibilities.

SAS Design and Build

SAS Design Build, based in Canada, provides architectural, engineering, and construction solutions to a myriad of contemporary problems. The company is headed by management team with expertise across various sectors like
•Solar energy
• Hydro energy
• Nuclear energy
• Infrastructure design
• Construction
• Waste-water treatment
• Industrial manufacturing plants
SAS Design Build offers unique solutions for all its clientele’s needs, such as
• Automation solutions for factories
• Designing and sourcing of all kinds of manufacturing plants (food processing, fiber glass, etc.)
• Solar tracking systems
• Other types of manufacturing facilities/tools including software programming of specialized engineering vehicles.


Manufactured bridge decks

Oakland Bay Bridge, California

Provided the complete 78 points synchronous unloading system and equipment.

Bird Nest Stadium, Beijing

Overall planning, procurement, and construction

Ben Aknoun Stadium, Algeria

Supplied the sophisticated drive equipment and an accurate integrated control system

Nantong Stadium

Aided in the construction of the retractable roof

Westin Hotel, Fujian

SAS Power

SAS Power, based in Canada, was built on the premise of harnessing nature’s abundant stream of natural resources and converting it into the much-needed energy in the form of electricity. It generates and delivers electricity through a solar farm in Newcastle, Ontario to the Government of Ontario on a 20-year agreement. The company focuses on renewable energy projects for clean sources of electricity that leaves behind from little to no carbon footprint.

SAS Quarz Inc.

SAS Quarz Inc is a trading company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. This company will be heading all business development, selling and strategic partnership activities for SASCO HPQ.  It will be dealing with the shipping and exports of the HPQ produced and processed by SASCO HPQ. Operational Regions: North America, Europe

SASCO Quartz General Trading LLC

SASCO Quartz General Trading, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will work under the purview of SAS QuarzInc., carrying out similar activities – distribution, import, export, etc., covering a wide range of products including minerals. SASCO Quartz will be involved in trading High Purity Quartz (HPQ)
• Industrial raw materials
• Metals
• Commodities
• Chemicals
• Foodstuff
• Specialized Goods
Operation Regions: Middle East, South East Asia, Africa


SASCO’s healthcare subsidiary Zaliex, aims to provide quality healthcare solutions to all. Based in Canada, Zaliex offers preventive solutions to a myriad of surface bacterial infections in the environment. The products are developed keeping in mind the environment and have zero side effects. The company is devoted to ensuring that homes and public spaces are pathogen free. With this objective in mind, the company has developed a range of products that provide disinfection and sanitation to maintain cleaner environments for a safer living.
• Zaliex provides 3 categories of products – Environmental Hygiene, Hospital Supplies, Medical Equipment.
• All of Zaliex’s products are certified by one or more of the following organisations Investments Portfolio Related Pictures

Halal Choice

SAS House of Halal works to provide communities across the globe with healthy food items that are processed with strict hygiene measures that conform to the industry’s best practices. • Based in Toronto, the company offers various food items through its brand “Halal Choice” which ensures that all food items it prepares are hand processed in accordance with Zabeeha Halal hand processing. The company distributes Halal Choice in Canada and the United States and will be expanding to other countries in the future. SAS House of Halal also plans to add brands and new product lines in other countries, not only for frozen food but also for other food and beverage segments
The secret is a smoothly working team of disparate people who are each endowed with some special talent..

SASCO Holdings is a multinational corporate group with subsidiaries operating in more than seven countries across the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia.